Why Choose Grand View Farm Vegetables?

We are excited about the 2015 growing season and we want to share our excitement with you. If you are already a Grand View customer you got here for one or more of these reasons:

  1. You are a health conscience consumer. You understand that what you eat has a direct effect on your health and wellness.
  2. You buy local. You understand that a 1500 mile trip to get a slice of bacon to your table is unsustainable.
  3. You do not want to eat Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). You understand that GMO’s are untested technology that has been shown to cause long term health effects in animals.
  4. You want to opt out of the Big Agriculture paradigm. You understand that confinement raised pigs and beef are as unhealthy for the animals as they are for you. You know that chickens were meant to live in the light of day breathing fresh air.
  5. You trust us. You understand that most conventional places that raise food have things to hide. We don’t. We value transparency. If you have a question or want to know what is in your purchase we will either tell you or show you.

All those reasons and more are a part of our promise to you for Grand View Vegetables.

  1. No dangerous pesticides
  2. No Glyphosate products. (i.e. Round Up) We don’t want them sprayed on our ground, or the residue left on our food.
  3. Fluoride free watering. Our water comes from either rain or our wells. No municipal supply that has added fluoride.
  4. Mineral amendments. Lime, trace minerals, etc will be added to produce high brix* plants that are high in vitamins and minerals as well as resistant to disease and insects.* a measurement of plant vitality

So thank you for all of your continued support for GVF and the food that we produce. We will be coming out with our 2015 list of planted vegetables soon!

D. Cunningham
Grand View Farm Vegetable Manager


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